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Last week and this week, I was a guest on the Liberty Radio Network show "The Call to Freedom" hosted by former Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Will Coley and Thom Gray, who doesn't get an awesome title before his name but doesn't need one, because that's how awesome he is. Due to it not having a podcast form, I wasn't aware the show existed (without a permanent form, it doesn't get picked up at the RRND, which is where I learn about such things). While I tried to get a recording of last week's, I got the time wrong and forgot about it, but did get this one.

We discussed vice chair Arvin Vohra's statements about veterans. Well... Jim Babbs and Larry Sharpe discussed it. I barely touched on it. Partway through the episode, I asked why Larry brought it up again, and this is something that badly needs to be explained. I did so in this article, where I elaborated that he kept bringing it up, even though he said he'd forgiven it and let it go. Live on the air, I couldn't formulate my thoughts in a way that didn't sound antagonistic as hell, so I instead chose to let it go and to just sound like an idiot instead. C'est la vie.

It was a great show, and, personally, I think the aftershow was even better, primarily because I was looser and more relaxed. By that point, I was beginning to get comfortable and fall into a groove, so any future appearances (crossing my fingers) won't have me quite so silent. If you're interested in liberty, be sure to check out these links.

I did edit the Aftershow. For one, all of my input was lost due to how I recorded it. Because of this, I had to record today's encore airing, and then re-record and re-impose what I'd said during the aftershow discussion back into the audio. I think I achieved about a 99% accuracy, though I knowingly added one remark (and made note that it was an added remark not said during the conversation). Much of the aftershow discussion, about the possibility of me attending Somalia Fest and PorcFest with Will Coley and his family, was personal in nature, and so I removed it. Additionally, there is some beeping, because a few things were said that wouldn't have been said if it was on the air. In consideration of all involved, I've beeped out some names, and removed one brief section about someone.

I cannot say that I will record and upload every episode of "Call to Freedom," but it is something that I would like to do, and I'm generally available on Sunday nights. I know that I'll record and upload any future episodes that I'm in, but I think it would be a little narcissistic to do only episodes that have me as a guest (even though it is a bit of work to do all this--removing commercials, tweaking audio, normalizing, compressing, adjusting EQ bands...).


Intro (0:00)

General conversation about stuff.

News 1 (2:33)

Gay couple in Norway attacked by Moroccans, and reflections on the Pulse Shooting, as well as the fact that we're not able to fix a problem if we aren't allowed to discuss it. Also the mess in Syria, why Trump thinks it's okay to create more terrorists, and the clusterfuck state of American foreign policy.

Stupid Comment of the Week (10:06)

A "former AnCap" who left the ideology because... he couldn't envision a way for the ideology to come to fruition...? It was really hard to make sense of his ramblings, and this is from someone who rambles a lot. So we discuss various ways in which the radical ideology of non-violence could be implemented, and mention again that beautiful event during World War 1.

News 2 (23:52)

There actually isn't a second news item this week. I had one, but deleted it to instead talk about the fact that we shouldn't have this much shit to discuss in the first place, and how it's an indication that something has gone awry. My anarchism doesn't come out often (much of the time, I could be mistaken for a libertarian), but here it really shines through.

Are You Fucking Kidding Me? (36:37)

Skittles' attempt to show solidarity with a rainbow-oriented group by... removing all colors from their candy...? What? I'm far from a Social Justice Warrior, but they have a point. Removing all color doesn't show support; it shows antagonism, morons. "I'm going to show my support for the women's march by waving my dick around!" What? No, it doesn't make sense. A candy with the slogan of "taste the rainbow" removing all its colors to show "support" for a group whose emblem is the rainbow is, at the very least moronic, and that's assuming it wasn't meant as a snub of LGBTQ people in a society that wouldn't tolerate it.

Darkside Philosophy (40:53)

Justice and AnCap principles--most people don't mean "justice" when they say it. They mean "vengeance." So I talk a bit about my murdered mother and how I might have justice over it. Spoiler Alert: the only way for me to have justice is to forgive the murderer. The conceit that it's okay to inflict violence on someone because they used violence is called Eye For An Eye, and it's not justice; it's revenge. 


This week, we discuss:


-- Bad Parenting: Parents whose child was bullied repeatedly in school and finally attacked, with a sucker stick repeatedly jammed in his ear and causing possibly permanent damage, are angry that the children who did it are still in school. This is bad parenting because the child had begged his parents not to take him to school, but they did so, because "We have to get him an education." Apparently they can't figure out how they might resolve the conflict between "It's our responsibility to keep our child safe" and "It's our responsibility to get our child an education," and so I criticize them for irresponsibly putting their child in danger.


-- Stupid Comment of the Week: This one is an entire conversation with a "libertarian," although it's hard to see why he calls himself one. There doesn't seem to be anything about libertarianism that he agrees with, and the egregious stupid comment was that, because I think people own themselves, I'm homophobic. Yes, really. 


-- Oklahoma Trigger Warnings: Apparently 17% of college students suffer from PTSD, accroding to the person who led the student body of a college to demand the state legislature put trigger warnings on possibly triggering material. So we dive into the idea of trauma, cowardice, and bravery, and how lyring in the floor and crying instead of standing up and facing whatever life can throw at you is something that should be mocked, not encouraged.


-- Darkside Philosophy: I really don't remember what I discussed.


-- Are You Fucking Kidding Me? Youtubers crying that they're being censored because they're losing ad revenue. 


The article I mentioned: https://anarchistshemale.com/2016/09/06/youtubes-ad-policy-changes/


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-- the GOP's attempts to give us Obamacare 2.0 and the likely effects that will have on the 2018 midterm election;

-- free market solutions to the health care crisis and how to actually lower the costs of health care

--This week's Stupid Comment of the Week via Facebook and an Austin Petersen supporter

-- Hysteria, Trump, Clowns, Russians, and Hackers

-- Reductive Reasoning

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I shouldn't have to inform people who say that they are classical liberals that they are not libertarians.

Look, people, I am not a libertarian. I am an anarchist. I am a Libertarian--as in, member of the Libertarian Party. I do this because libertarianism is the next step on the road to anarchism. However, you will NEVER hear me say that I am a libertarian. I will demand that people who claim to be libertarians actually be libertarians, and there's certainly an argument to be made that I am on the far extreme but am still a libertarian, but the point is: if you do not respect the NAP, then you are NOT a libertarian.

It's frustrating to find so many children trying to sit at the grown-ups' table and have a conversation. Sorry, kid. If all you have are emotional appeals and ad hominem, then you need to go back to the kiddie table.


People need a scapegoat onto whom they can project, because otherwise they have to face the reality that the fucked up ideas and conclusions that they are attributing to other people actually came from within themselves.

The latest holodeck onto which the fucked up ideas of bigots are being projected is Ellen DeGeneres, and she is now being called racist. Let us pull back from the situation and look again. It is very reminiscent of how people called Trump misogynistic for comparing his and Cruz's wives, even though Trump never did any such thing. They came to that conclusion, and attributed it to Trump, because they could not face the reality that it came from within.


I've actually unpublished the story, so that I can share it elsewhere once the current term expires. Hm.


A conversation about gender dysphoria and transgenderism, answering the question: "Who am I?"


If the majority today decided it was morally wrong to eat meat, would you be okay with new laws making it illegal to eat meat?

"Of course not!" cries the ordinary statist.

What we've got here are people who want to force their morality onto others, but who don't want others' morality forced onto them.


The state's laws cannot create free trade; they can only inhibit it.

The state's laws cannot create freedom; they can only inhibit it.


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